Thursday , 8 / October / 2020    




Time slows as you look into it and offers perspective.

Delight invites you in as it radiates momentarily from a yellow tinted sunbeam bouncing off a wave.

Screeching rainbow lorikeets remind you to say ‘hey’ to your neighbour while watering the plants at sunset.

Here we’re led by the example of life.

The life that moves and swirls and squawks and splashes around us.

Led on how to fill these moments with as much of it as we can, and sit in appreciation of the quiet, slow ones.

May we belly-laugh with neighbours as the sun goes down; May we fly through the waves, licking our salty lips into a grin; and nourish our spirits in the bush, nurtured so lovingly by the generations before us.

May we adventure and play and connect.

And throw some life right back out into the world for the next person slowing down time, hoping to find it.