Thursday , 8 / October / 2020    


Spirit of the skies


Harmony is part of the habitat of the Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos where they have soared through the skies for centuries. As they fly over their loud screeching makes us look up to the Australian sun and the sky providing us with a sense of belonging and pride that connects us all.

This colourful abstracted landscape is overlayed with stylistic details of the Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo reflecting the vibrant, multifaceted lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast. The indigenous meaning of the Yellow- Tailed Black Cockatoo; nurture, joy, spirit, emotional freedom, inner fire and creativity reflect the vision for the Harmony Community.

Sunshine Coast-based artist, Mieke van den Berg, focusses on connecting art with people and place through engaging murals, sculpture, public and performance art.

Her work is a response to our disconnection from our direct environment more than ever before, while simultaneously being digitally connected to the entire world. Her inspiration comes from the everyday, environmental, and social issues. She is driven by the artistic process, movement, collaboration, recording of time, and mark-making.