Thursday , 8 / October / 2020    




As a kinetic artist I generate art by capturing through rubbing and scanning the surfaces of the world. LANDscanning or digital frottage is a process based artform designed to photographically photocopy and capture the invisible and over looked surfaces and textures that surround us everyday.

I physically explore and document using a hand held scanning tool to touch surfaces, so what I touch you see, visually recorded. Sometimes I scan and record metres at a time, capturing the experience and essence of the surface rather than just a representation. This serendipitous process means these are one-off images never to be captured quite the same again.

Many surfaces include overlooked areas of the everyday encouraging you to look closer to the things around you. Such as peeling paint, road surfaces, graffiti, leaves, bricks and architectural surfaces or residue that has fallen on the way side from our everyday lives.