Thursday , 8 / October / 2020    




Our Home. Our Community. From the Hinterland to the Coast.


The spirit and vibrancy of community and togetherness exudes in a friendly, joyful and welcoming depiction of life in Harmony.

This simple and playful, but expressive and bold, abstract mural encompasses and depicts our modern way of living with its interaction of our enviable lifestyle and community pride that we enjoy and share on the Sunshine Coast.

From the beach to the hinterland, our local attractions and geology, nature, fauna, family and adventure, along with our rich indigenous history, can all be discovered in this colourful dynamic representation of living in Harmony.

The heart of the Sunshine Coast.

Steven Bordonaro is a Sunshine Coast based artist working in the mediums of paintings, murals and design.

His work explores the interconnectedness of individuals and community through figurative work that reinforces both personal and community-orientated identity.

Steven aims to inspire creative expression and sense of shared humanity through art.